International Shipping Logistics
Domestic Supply chain administration
  • Supply Chain Management
    In the segment of supply chain management, we provide customers with comprehensive supply chain management services for bulk stock trading, wholesale distribution, agent purchasing, logistics, storage, processing and VMI management, etc. utilizing our abundant shipping logistics experience and resources, built on resources type bulk stock in Northeast China. Through IT system, the information flow, logistics, business flow and capital flow between upstream and downstream of industry chain are effectively integrated, to optimize the resources allocation, reduce transaction costs for upstream and downstream customers of the industry and realize all-win.

    In the segment, we continuously design the brand new logistics solution and supply chain management solution centering on resources type bulk stock in Northeast China. Relying on our advantages of logistics and supply chain management, our business involves in multiple industries and products such as steel, minerals, agricultural products, food, fast moving consumer goods, wood products and chemical fertilizer. In the fields of wood, sugar circulation, agricultural products and minerals, we have gradually created and formed unique advantage.

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  • Wood Industry
    According to the in-depth knowledge on wood industry, we provide customers in wood industry with services such as logistics scheme design and payment & settlement. Through diversified transportation modes like sea-railway combined transportation, we transport wood resources from Russia, etc. to Chinese ports, and provide customers with “door-to-door” whole process logistics transportation services. TRAWIND comprehensively reduces customers’ overall logistics costs and improve the transportation efficiency and service quality making the best of its multimodal transportation logistics advantage built for years.

  • Sugar Circulation

    To meet logistics transportation for food grade commodities such as sugar, we have established a professional team to carry out research to provide sugar customers with refined supply chain management solutions. We uniformly plan the land and marine transportation to ensure the timely transportation. In addition, through comprehensive management and supervision of container origin, packaging, vehicles and drivers, etc., we realize zero loss and no secondary pollution of products transportation. With the professional IT system, we realize en-route tracking and VMI management for goods transportation, to ensure the safe and risk-free goods transportation and sufficient production and supply for upstream and downstream customers on the industry chain.

  • Agricultural Products Industry
    Making use of our own resources superiority for marine, land and railway transportation, we provide customers in industries of rice, corn and bean, etc. with comprehensive whole-process supply chain management services including goods loading, logistics, distribution and fund settlement and realize the integrated supply chain management solution with transportation process supervision, transportation timeliness controllable and diversified transportation modes. In addition, we have realized the whole-process management in the industry of agricultural products, from upstream to terminal customers, and provide payment and settlement services for customers with the complete supply chain management system, to further improve the capital turnover efficiency of upper and down streams, ensure trading safety and relieve the customers’ capital pressure.

  • Minerals Industry

    Relying on our own shipping logistics advantage, we closely combine the minerals industry supply chain management with the logistics management, provide customers with integrated logistics transportation services including professional packaging, loading& unloading, storage and transportation and realize the visualized tracking of logistics built on our strong IT system. With respect to the features of minerals industry, we fully take into account the current situation of upper and down streams of industry chain and design the payment and settlement services to guarantee the capital safety of industrial customers and solve problems such as large occupation volume and long occupation period of customers’ capital.