Domestic Shipping Logistics
Our domestic shipping and logistics business mainly includes container shipping logistics, bulk cargos and sundry goods logistics, supply chain management, comprehensive modern logistics and JUCANG.CN; our domestic container shipping company is a national 4A-level logistics enterprise funded jointly with Yingkou Port Group, with scale ranking the front in the industry. Relying on our own ships, professional teams and network information platform, we have built stable shipping lines for containers/bulk cargos and sundry goods through resources integration and initially established the shipping logistics network covering major ports in China. 
  • Container Shipping Logistics

    In container shipping segment, we are specialized in providing customers with professional multi-mode combined container transportation services of shipping, land transportation and railway transportation, etc., with service network covering 50 ports in Northeast China, North China, Shandong, Yangtze River, Fujian, South China and Southwest China, and have established container liner route network connecting to major coastal ports in China. We focus on customers’ actual demands, continuously deepen service innovation, make the best of advanced logistics information technology, provide customers with professional standard and customized logistics solutions, devote to providing comprehensive whole-process shipping container transportation service and guarantee professional, fast and perfect services.

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  • Sea Freight
    The sea freight business is backed by a strong service network of trawind. The container liner network covers more than 120 coastal ports across the country. The domestic coastal container liner direct routes with Yingkou Bayuquan as the basic port have achieved full coverage of all domestic coastal provinces.
    8 domestic trade container ships, more than 40 ships under management, and over 1 million tons shipping capacity of domestic trade container, ranking fourth in the country and second in the Northeast China
    Well organized 60 container liner routes, highly flexible ship deployment capability, and capable of providing optimal ship configuration plans in time as the project required to meet transportation needs of clients

  • Road Transportation

    Our vehicle resources cover more than 50 ports in China; we have more than 500 long-term cooperation vehicles; we can freely deploy more than 10000 vehicles.

    We have 60 self-owned container liner routes, providing sufficient goods source guarantee for door-to-door transportation; we can achieve goods loading back and forth at the logistics section to remarkably reduce the transportation costs.

    With advanced technical means, we timely and effectively feed back the dynamic conditions of goods at each node; provide 7*24-hour standard land transportation services; achieve electronic sign-in and on-line reorder.

  • Railway

    At present, Trawind has cooperated with China Railway Harbin Bureau, Shenyang Bureau, Jinan Bureau, Shandong Jingbo Logistics, etc. and has opened several railway freight trains such as "HeilongjiangSuihua-Yingkou Port", "Jilin Tuanlin-Yingkou Bayuquan Port", "Shandong Boxing/Zibo Nanding/Zibo Zichuan-Qingdao Dagang" , allowing congregation of goods in 24 hours.

    Trawind has also cooperated with Shenhua Railway to open the "Inner Mongolia Dongsheng Aobaogou/Dongsheng Southern Suburb/Shenmu Hejiata/Shaanxi Yinta-Tianjin Port/Huanghua Port" railway freight trains, allowing congregation of goods in 36 hours.

  • Cold Chain transportation
    Trawind cold chain transportation services mainly carry fruits, flowers, vegetables, fresh meat, seafood and other goods. With professional teams, advanced technology and intact refrigerated containers, the different temperature requirements of the goods are guaranteed and the goods are safely transported with the best cold chain transportation service.

  • Self-owned CY
    Trawind Fantun Railway Station is located in Bayuquan District (Ansteel Logistics Park) of Yingkou City, Liaoning Province. It covers an area of 45,000 square meters and is close to Yingkou Port, which has obvious regional advantages.
    Two special railway lines with a total length of 2500 meters; 800 TEU container locations, capable of staking 5 s heavy container with totally 3,000 heavy containers storage capability. The designed annual throughput is 300,000 TEU. Capable of deploying ships according to customer needs, and meet customer demand for non-flow cargo storage.

  • Project Logistics
    >> Project Establishment
    Our team continuously deepens the understanding of the industry in the long-term operation practice. We establish special project team according to the customer’s transportation demands and goods properties to track and take charge in the whole process.

    >> Scheme Formulation

    Built on our strong service network and land, railway and shipping transportation capacity, we customize the best transportation solutions for customers and select the most efficient transportation mode and route.

    >> Project Implementation

    Utilizing our two platforms, we provide the standard process services and adopt the advanced information technology to make the logistics visualized in the whole process meet customers’ diversified, individualized and timely, accurate service demands in different industries.

    >> Project Completion
    We realize the collaborative integration and efficient operation from project establishment, scheme formulation to project implementation, not only meeting customers’ diversified, individualized and timely, accurate service demands in different industries but also reducing costs and improving the efficiency for customers.

  • Network Business Platform
    >> “”
    “” is our specialized on-line booking service platform. We change the traditional offline booking mode, efficiently combine the shipping logistics operation procedure with the internet information technology, improve the service quality and user booking experience with technology and make the booking simpler, more convenient and efficient.
    “” can realize functions of “online booking”, “online insurance”, “online vehicle booking”, “freight tracking” and “online payment”, providing customers with better online booking service. Thereby, customers book the shipping space more conveniently, track the dynamic conditions of shipment more timely and grasp the business information more comprehensively and effectively.

    >> “Tradwind Container Shipping” WeChat Platform
    “Tradwind Container Shipping” WeChat platform is the mobile freight tracking service platform. The booking customers can intelligently query the dynamic conditions of freight and master the freight information in the whole process through following and binding the WeChat Official Account “Tradwind Container Shipping”, to greatly increase office efficiency and control capability, enhance the industrial competitiveness and create greater value.
    The platform provides information such as quotation, contract, loading, goods concentration in port, vessel departure, vessel arrival, barge pre-deployment, barge arrival, goods pre-sending, actual goods delivery and overdue prompt and realizes shipping schedule query, query of containers quantity on the berth in the yard, query of non-arrival loaded containers quantity, query of non-delivery arrival containers quantity, container detention charge query, insurance processing progress query, bill query and contract signing state query on the mobile terminal.

  • Bulk cargos and sundry goods logistics

    Bulk cargos and sundry goods logistics is one of our traditional advantagebusiness. Through continuous development and improvement, we have established anexperienced, professional, efficient and stable business team. Built on theservice concept “Specialty, Fastness and Perfection”, we provide customers withbulk cargos and sundry goods transportation service, winning the trust andrecognition of shipowners and customers. At present, our main business involvesindustries of steel, grain, coal and minerals in this segment.

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  • Main Business
    >> Steel Logistics
    Capable of providing PTP direct sailing service for both steel enterprises and steel traders either partly or fully loaded. Acting as the nominated logistics supplier for several prestigious steel companies in China. Operating river routes for steel cargo which origins from NE China/Hebei province area to national wide area through China main ports or transit ports by DWT varies from 5,000MT to 20,000 MT vessels.

    >> Grain Logistics

    Undertake grain transportation business from Northeast to East China, Shandong Province and other regions. Provide grain production enterprises and grain trading enterprises with full-process logistics services such as river-ocean combined transportation to ensure the safety and timeliness of grain transportation. Providing additional services like cargo receiving at port and DOC. handling.

    >> Coal Logistics

    Undertake coal transportation business in various ports national wide. Shipping routes: Bohai Bay Route, North-Jiangsu-Zhejiang Route, Zhoushan – Yangtze River Route, Rizhao Southward Route, Shandong Peninsula - Bohai Bay Route, etc .; Controlling most shipping resources in the market for vessel DWT varies 5,000MT to 60,000 MT to match-up cargo readiness & vessel laycan best.

    >> Construction Material Logistics

    By integrating resourceful suppliers such as steelworks, docks, and mines, we provide customers with logistics & procurement agency services for materials like sand, gravel, and water slag powder. 5,000-60,000 tons of transportation capacity, Door-to-door integrated service ( bulk shipping & land transportation for both end & barge ). Carrying range: major ports national wide.

    >> Shipping Agency Business

    We undertake the shipping agency business for main ports in Circum-Bohai Sea Region.
    We have more than 30 ships under fixed operation, have the shipping capacity of 5000-60000 tons and adopt various chartering modes, such as bareboat chartering, time chartering and continuous chartering of voyages. The combined transportation mode can simultaneously meet the transportation of bulk cargos and sundry goods or bulk cargos and containers in the same ship, to maximum the interests of shipowners and customers.

    >> Bulk to container logistics

    The bulk & container transform logistics service is suitable for the rapid operation of small batches of high-value goods.
    Rely on Trawind's own container liner service network, the service outlets cover more than 50 ports in various coastal areas of the country; With a highly flexible ship deployment capability to meet customers' various transportation needs. At present, with Yingkou Bayuquan as the basic port, domestic coastal container liner direct routes have achieved full coverage of all domestic coastal provinces.
    Flat rack container: suitable for coiled goods;
    Half-height container: suitable for long cargo;
    General container: suitable for cold rolled goods.

    >> Customized Services

    Design customized logistics solutions for customers.
    Come up with the best ship configuration, transportation routes, transportation means, etc. and solve all kinds of problems in the door-to-door logistics process according to the actual customers needs
    Professional service team for key account, efficient logistics management process, capable for full process / partial process customization service.
    No category and transportation methods limitation for customized services, and highly-matched shipping capacity, which can save customers transportation costs to the greatest extent and create competitive advantages.

  • Port security and Safty

    >> Port security and Safty

    We select the most efficient transportation mode, route and carrier according tocustomers’ transportation demands and goods properties and establish the mostreasonable customized shipping logistics solution; maximize the comprehensiveefficiency of logistics through road transportation, railway transportation, bargetransportation and multimodal transportation, etc.; provide supporting servicessuch as shipping agency, cargos handling at port, loading and unloadingsupervision and binding; have established the special project team to track andtake charge of goods in the whole process, and timely solve various emergencies of shipping to create greater value for customers.

    >> Cargos Handling at Port, Loading and Unload Supervision

    With scientific and efficient management, abundant actual experience andprofessional stowage and loading supervision personnel, we can timely handlerelevant matters for customers during the period that the ships stay at the portsand we can undertake business such as ship loading supervision, unloadingsupervision, cargos concentration in port and cargos handling to ensure the cargosloading &unloading speed and quality.

    >> Binding Business
    We have scientific management system, high-quality professional technicians,advanced binding tools and superior electrogas welding equipment; mainly undertakebinding business for heavy equipment, steel and container, etc. and also provideservices like ship supplies, living goods supply, ship wastes recovery, goodsbinding, goods packaging and electrogas welding. The annual binding quantity ofsteel exceeds 2.5 million tons, and the annual binding quantity of equipmentexceeds 130 thousand square meters.

  • Internet Platform

    “Tradwind Domestic Bulk Cargo & Sundry Goods” WeChat platform is the specialmobile service platform for bulk cargo and sundry goods business. The customerscan intelligently query the dynamic conditions of freight and timely master thefreight information in the whole process through following and binding the WeChatOfficial Account “Tradwind Domestic Bulk Cargo & Sundry Goods”, to strengthenthe information timeliness and control capability. Meanwhile, “Tradwind Domestic Bulk Cargo & Sundry Goods” WeChat platform also provides services like portmeteorology, marine meteorology, dynamic query of shipping date, query of pre-deployment list, dynamic query of barge and land transportation and query ofcargos concentration progress, etc., providing more convenient and efficient shipping experience for customers.

  • Supply Chain Management
    In the segment of supply chain management, we provide customers with comprehensive supply chain management services for bulk stock trading, wholesale distribution, agent purchasing, logistics, storage, processing and VMI management, etc. utilizing our abundant shipping logistics experience and resources, built on resources type bulk stock in Northeast China. Through IT system, the information flow, logistics, business flow and capital flow between upstream and downstream of industry chain are effectively integrated, to optimize the resources allocation, reduce transaction costs for upstream and downstream customers of the industry and realize all-win.

    In the segment, we continuously design the brand new logistics solution and supply chain management solution centering on resources type bulk stock in Northeast China. Relying on our advantages of logistics and supply chain management, our business involves in multiple industries and products such as steel, minerals, agricultural products, food, fast moving consumer goods, wood products and chemical fertilizer. In the fields of wood, sugar circulation, agricultural products and minerals, we have gradually created and formed unique advantage.

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  • Wood Industry
    According to the in-depth knowledge on wood industry, we provide customers in wood industry with services such as logistics scheme design and payment & settlement. Through diversified transportation modes like sea-railway combined transportation, we transport wood resources from Russia, etc. to Chinese ports, and provide customers with “door-to-door” whole process logistics transportation services. TRAWIND comprehensively reduces customers’ overall logistics costs and improve the transportation efficiency and service quality making the best of its multimodal transportation logistics advantage built for years.

  • Sugar Circulation

    To meet logistics transportation for food grade commodities such as sugar, we have established a professional team to carry out research to provide sugar customers with refined supply chain management solutions. We uniformly plan the land and marine transportation to ensure the timely transportation. In addition, through comprehensive management and supervision of container origin, packaging, vehicles and drivers, etc., we realize zero loss and no secondary pollution of products transportation. With the professional IT system, we realize en-route tracking and VMI management for goods transportation, to ensure the safe and risk-free goods transportation and sufficient production and supply for upstream and downstream customers on the industry chain.

  • Agricultural Products Industry
    Making use of our own resources superiority for marine, land and railway transportation, we provide customers in industries of rice, corn and bean, etc. with comprehensive whole-process supply chain management services including goods loading, logistics, distribution and fund settlement and realize the integrated supply chain management solution with transportation process supervision, transportation timeliness controllable and diversified transportation modes. In addition, we have realized the whole-process management in the industry of agricultural products, from upstream to terminal customers, and provide payment and settlement services for customers with the complete supply chain management system, to further improve the capital turnover efficiency of upper and down streams, ensure trading safety and relieve the customers’ capital pressure.

  • Minerals Industry

    Relying on our own shipping logistics advantage, we closely combine the minerals industry supply chain management with the logistics management, provide customers with integrated logistics transportation services including professional packaging, loading& unloading, storage and transportation and realize the visualized tracking of logistics built on our strong IT system. With respect to the features of minerals industry, we fully take into account the current situation of upper and down streams of industry chain and design the payment and settlement services to guarantee the capital safety of industrial customers and solve problems such as large occupation volume and long occupation period of customers’ capital.

  • Comprehensive Modern Logistics

    In this segment, we focus on creating value for customers, provide solutions of comprehensive shipping, project logistics and supply chain as our service products and provide customers with “low-costs, high-quality, high-efficiency” customized logistics services built on network covering national service providers of comprehensive modern logistics, to help customers reduce costs, improve the efficiency and enhance the industrial competitiveness.

    Through continuous exploration and development, our business has covered main ports and cities in Northeast China, North China, Center China, East China, South China and Southwest China so far.

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  • Comprehensive Shipping
    >> Whole-process Logistics of Shipping Container
    Relying on our shipping advantage and integration of public shipping capacity, we apply more than 10000 controllable container trailers, connecting ports and seaway-railway liners at main port of shipment and direct-sales coastal network distributed all over China to provide customers with efficient, flexible and reliable whole-process logistics of shipping container according to the customers’ demands.
    >> Road Trunk Line Transportation
    We have a professional truck operation management team, select high-quality and safer trucks to transport the goods and provide value-added services such as value-insured transportation, safe packaging, collection on delivery and return of receipt form; we are one of the first pilot truck broker enterprises designated by Ministry of Communications.
    >>Railway Freight Forwarding
    Through the railway transportation resources distributed all over China and logistics network covering all over the country, we can provide efficient, flexible and reliable container and vehicle forwarding services.
    >> Multimodal Transportation
    Relying on shipping, inland transportation, wharf and railway resources, we provide multiple combined transportation modes such as container, sundry goods ship and railway vehicle, helping customers reduce comprehensive logistics costs.

  • Project Logistics
    >> Cold Chain Logistics
    We integrate and apply shipping and railway cold chain resources and provide professional refrigerated transportation business to ensure the goods are provided with high-quality and visualized services.
    >> Chemical Logistics
    Our professional operation team measures and schemes strictly in accordance with the safety and environment regulations to provide whole-process logistics services for ordinary and high-risk chemicals and ensure your goods arrive safely.
    >>International Combined Transportation
    We provide customers with whole-process logistics services including port transfer, railway transportation, customs clearance, customs inspection and insurance agency, with China-Euro liners as carrier, Manzhouli, Erenhot and Alataw Pass as access and major Chinese ports as center.
    >> Warehouse Distribution Management
    DC/RD management, VMI supplier management inventory, FTL production line distribution and CKD/SKD distribution processing.

  • Supply Chain Solution
    >> Process Optimization and Restructuring
    Multimodal transportation solution, storage network planning and implementation, regional distribution planning and implementation, production line logistics planning and implementation, smart logistics equipment purchase analysis, purchase and reverse logistics planning and implementation.
    >> Information System Construction
    TMS transportation management system, WMS warehouse management system, OMS order management system and ERP connection.
    >> Industry Solution
    Fast moving consumer goods (food), Fast moving consumer goods (daily use chemicals), biochemical industry, minerals & llurgy and other industries.
    >> Cooperative Management
    Scheme implementation, process management and whole-chain visualization and cooperation.


    Relying on shipping logistics industry chain, driven by products and technology innovation, Jucang (Yingkou) Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides upstream and downstream enterprises of industry chain with insurance technology platform with a package of risk solutions.

    In December 2016, JUCANG.CN signed the agreement on comprehensive strategic cooperation with PICC, and JUCANG.CN formally became PICC’s strategic partner.

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  • Advantages of JUCANG.CN
    You may buy the insurance only with carton number. The insurance rate for ordinary goods is as low as 0.3% and free from deductible. The insurance covers warehouse-to-warehouse whole process.

    The insurance rate for bulk cargos and sundry goods is 0.2% at minimum; exclusive products of Jucang (white sugar, commercial vehicle) provide you with customized insurance solutions.

    PICC underwriting is provided on line, and insurance products cover all transportation modes; PICC’s formal policy is issued immediately after online insurance purchase.

    Fast system connection, easy operation, available for policy change and reporting operation, 24-hour exclusive customer service.

    Visualized claim settlement process, fast claim settlement for small losses, claim payment received on the same day after submission of complete data; assessment of non-small losses in two days, claim settlement in seven days.
    Convenient payment, abundant channels, internet banking payment covers all main banks, WeChat Payment supported.

    Claim Settlement Tel: