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Trawind Shipping Logistics Company was incorporated in 1998

Trawind Shipping Logistics Company was incorporated in 1998 and headquartered in Dalian. The business scope covers international and domestic shipping logistics, shipping management, E-commerce, information technology development and investment management.

49 domestic branches distributed in coastal cities of China and 5 overseas branches , 24 self-owned vessels, more than 1000 employees in service. 

International Shipping Logistics Including:Including: Including: Fleet Operatin;  Regular Shipping lines between China main ports and Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam and India; Chartering business for bulk cargo  in the region of Pacific and Indian Ocean, such as coal, iron ore, etc.;  Industrial project end to end logistics; Freight forwarding service is based on China main ports for both break bulk and container cargo and their business involves steel, fertilizer, non-metalliferous minerals, foodstuffs, equipment and bulk cargo, etc.

Domestic shipping and logistics services are mainly comprised of container shipping, break bulk shipping and container logistics. THEREINTO, Domestic Container Shipping Company is a AAAA grade joint venture enterprise cooperated with Yingkou Port Group and the enterprise scale lies in the top list of the industry. Based on own ship fleet, professional team and network information platform, Trawind has built a stable Container/Break Bulk Shipping liners whose network has  reached the main ports of China in way of resources integration.  

Ship Management Company is responsible for ship assets operation and management. Manage dozens of ships serving for international or domestic trade. Systematic services including  Crew training, ship management, ship building and maintenance and ship supplies.

IT Company is committed to “logistics software research and development”,  “E-commerce platform development” and “IT Consultancy;Being responsible for developing system software applied to International and Domestic Shipping Logistics business, chartering, booking, ship management, equipment(container) management, warehousing, trucking and business management ; Building E-commerce platform used for shipping logistics and informatization platform for door to door logistics chain. Successfully developed products including domestic container multi-model service system, domestic break bulk multi-model service system,  international cargo forwarding system,  international chartering management system. In future, IT company  will commit itself to provide more kinds of technical services via the road of informatization.

Trawind Capital Operation Center,as an independent working unit,  has three years of development experience mainly handling assets appraisal, investment management, equity operation and assets reorganization. It’s divided into three sections: development fund, strategic fund and investment fund. As main investment management channel of Trawind, it strives for reasonable investment return, investment risk control and benefits optimization by combining internal needs and market environment at large. 

Trawind’s core operation concepts are that: we think for customers with our deep intention, focus on their core requirements,  follow their development trends to ensure professional,prompt,perfect service and grow up with them together.