International Shipping Logistics
Domestic Modern integrated logistics
  • Comprehensive Modern Logistics

    In this segment, we focus on creating value for customers, provide solutions of comprehensive shipping, project logistics and supply chain as our service products and provide customers with “low-costs, high-quality, high-efficiency” customized logistics services built on network covering national service providers of comprehensive modern logistics, to help customers reduce costs, improve the efficiency and enhance the industrial competitiveness.

    Through continuous exploration and development, our business has covered main ports and cities in Northeast China, North China, Center China, East China, South China and Southwest China so far.

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  • Comprehensive Shipping
    >> Whole-process Logistics of Shipping Container
    Relying on our shipping advantage and integration of public shipping capacity, we apply more than 10000 controllable container trailers, connecting ports and seaway-railway liners at main port of shipment and direct-sales coastal network distributed all over China to provide customers with efficient, flexible and reliable whole-process logistics of shipping container according to the customers’ demands.
    >> Road Trunk Line Transportation
    We have a professional truck operation management team, select high-quality and safer trucks to transport the goods and provide value-added services such as value-insured transportation, safe packaging, collection on delivery and return of receipt form; we are one of the first pilot truck broker enterprises designated by Ministry of Communications.
    >>Railway Freight Forwarding
    Through the railway transportation resources distributed all over China and logistics network covering all over the country, we can provide efficient, flexible and reliable container and vehicle forwarding services.
    >> Multimodal Transportation
    Relying on shipping, inland transportation, wharf and railway resources, we provide multiple combined transportation modes such as container, sundry goods ship and railway vehicle, helping customers reduce comprehensive logistics costs.

  • Project Logistics
    >> Cold Chain Logistics
    We integrate and apply shipping and railway cold chain resources and provide professional refrigerated transportation business to ensure the goods are provided with high-quality and visualized services.
    >> Chemical Logistics
    Our professional operation team measures and schemes strictly in accordance with the safety and environment regulations to provide whole-process logistics services for ordinary and high-risk chemicals and ensure your goods arrive safely.
    >>International Combined Transportation
    We provide customers with whole-process logistics services including port transfer, railway transportation, customs clearance, customs inspection and insurance agency, with China-Euro liners as carrier, Manzhouli, Erenhot and Alataw Pass as access and major Chinese ports as center.
    >> Warehouse Distribution Management
    DC/RD management, VMI supplier management inventory, FTL production line distribution and CKD/SKD distribution processing.

  • Supply Chain Solution
    >> Process Optimization and Restructuring
    Multimodal transportation solution, storage network planning and implementation, regional distribution planning and implementation, production line logistics planning and implementation, smart logistics equipment purchase analysis, purchase and reverse logistics planning and implementation.
    >> Information System Construction
    TMS transportation management system, WMS warehouse management system, OMS order management system and ERP connection.
    >> Industry Solution
    Fast moving consumer goods (food), Fast moving consumer goods (daily use chemicals), biochemical industry, minerals & llurgy and other industries.
    >> Cooperative Management
    Scheme implementation, process management and whole-chain visualization and cooperation.