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    Relying on shipping logistics industry chain, driven by products and technology innovation, Jucang (Yingkou) Network Technology Co., Ltd. provides upstream and downstream enterprises of industry chain with insurance technology platform with a package of risk solutions.

    In December 2016, JUCANG.CN signed the agreement on comprehensive strategic cooperation with PICC, and JUCANG.CN formally became PICC’s strategic partner.

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  • Advantages of JUCANG.CN
    You may buy the insurance only with carton number. The insurance rate for ordinary goods is as low as 0.3% and free from deductible. The insurance covers warehouse-to-warehouse whole process.

    The insurance rate for bulk cargos and sundry goods is 0.2% at minimum; exclusive products of Jucang (white sugar, commercial vehicle) provide you with customized insurance solutions.

    PICC underwriting is provided on line, and insurance products cover all transportation modes; PICC’s formal policy is issued immediately after online insurance purchase.

    Fast system connection, easy operation, available for policy change and reporting operation, 24-hour exclusive customer service.

    Visualized claim settlement process, fast claim settlement for small losses, claim payment received on the same day after submission of complete data; assessment of non-small losses in two days, claim settlement in seven days.
    Convenient payment, abundant channels, internet banking payment covers all main banks, WeChat Payment supported.

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