Shipping Management
Trawind Shipping Management Co., Ltd. established in 2004 is mainly engaged in ship operation and engine, crew management, etc.
Trawind Shipping Management Co., Ltd. fully integrates its own superior resources, keeps close and stable cooperation and has established mutual trust with shipowners built on the tenet of integrity management. Meanwhile, by virtue of good reputation and industrial praise, we have been trusted and greatly supported by banks and ship financing institutions, etc. We have established smooth cooperation mode and normative operation procedure. Built on the industrial experience for years, Trawind can accurately judge the industry development trend and market changes. For most shipowners or investors, Trawind gets hold of market situation more accurately.
  • Ship Management Mode

    We control the goals to avoid "additional costs due to excessively improving the ship technology conditions and prevent ship equipment deterioration due to excessively saving the costs". Oriented to the market, we customize the best ship management scheme for shipowners according to the principle "ship conditions situation, reasonable input-output, safe and efficient operation, safe and efficient operation and investment returns priority". Thus, we are highly praised by shareholders and shipowners.

  • Ship Management Advantages
    Since its establishment, Trawind Ship Management Co., Ltd. manages ships for Trawind’s solely-invested companies, joint-venture enterprises and other companies. Through exploration for years, Trawind Ship Management Co., Ltd. has established a set of complete management systems and business processes. Through the propulsion of informatization, we have constructed integrated basic management work and internet + engine management mode in the aspects of costs, crew, engine and technology management for ship management. We have finished developing a set of high-efficiency and high-transparency ship management operation systems, through which the cooperating shipowners can fast and visually query the actual ship management conditions and various income & expenditure details.

    >> Costs Management and Control Integration
    The expenses arising from ship operation are effectively controlled in the processes of “Expenses input”, “Bill input”, “Expenses application” and “Expenses approval”. After the module process is approved, relevant statements of expenses will be generated automatically, such as expenses statistics and index progress quantification. The financial processes are effectively ed and integrated.

    >> Data Application Informatization
    We realize the exchange and integration of ship management information big data through the ship management platform and convert the data of current ship, including basic information, voyage dynamic conditions, manning, voyage consumption, costs progress, benefit estimation, energy consumption and maintenance monitoring to the data support for ship management research and analysis, to share the intangible resources, e.g., methods, standards, knowledge and experience in the information system to the greatest extent and maximize the utilization rate of tangible resources, e.g., human, financial and materials resources.

    >> Professional Management Team
    Trawind Ship Management Co., Ltd. continuously strengthens the introduction of industrial advanced talents and cultivation of professional management talents and has built a management team led with senior captain and chief engineer as key cadre members. Our professional proficiency and ship management capability have been affirmed by partners. Meanwhile, Trawind reserves a batch of high-quality screw suitable for managing the large container ships imported. They have abundant experience and have received the professional and systematic training and management.

    >> Operation Management Normalization
    Built on the operation and management demands of more than 2000 containers newly purchased, we issued Management Manual for Low-load Operation of Main Engine in 2013 and take relevant auxiliary technical management measures such as blocking management implementation assessment of main engine turbocharger; to guide and normalize the low-load safe operation of ship main engine. We have increasingly mature management for reasonable deceleration and fuel consumption reduction, etc., have accumulated precious ship management experience and adopted the normalized management pattern for low-load operation of main engine and blocking operation management of main engine turbocharger. At present, we have successfully blocked one of two main engine turbochargers and two of three main engine turbochargers in respect of low-load operation management of large main engine and have achieved initial success.

    >> Ship-shore Information Synchronization
    We attach importance to the construction of basic ship informatization management, integrate current normative ship management experience and methods in the industry with the Trawind’s ship management practice and construct the information management platform with digitization of information. At present, Trawind ship management information system has finished the synchronous ship-shore information operation of 12 modules: Basic Data, Certificate Management, Expenses Management, Crew Management, Engine Management, Ship Repairing Management, Lubricating Oil Management, Operation Management, Spare Parts Management, Shipping Management, Insurance Management and Online Management. We have achieved the management goal “ship process management, platform data unification and data interface standardization”. Our basic ship management and informatization management have ranked the front in the industrial large private enterprises.

  • Crew Process Management

    We have established basic information data for all crew serving us (on ship and vacation) to realize information resources integration of resources and crew, crew selection and management, implement dynamic information management for current manning, crew service & vocation and crew salary, implement integrated information data management of crew salary and dynamic conditions and effectively control the crew costs.

  • Training Management Procedure
    We jointly improve the ship-shore and ship management making use of the ship management information online training and management exchange platform. Institutions and ships regularly or irregularly summarize accidents and typical fault cases and analyze accident causes. We strengthen maintenance and guidance on defects found out in key operation and PSC, train, stimulate and guide crew to operate and know maintenance, repair knowledge and control the risks to improve the crew’s technical and professional skills. In addition, it is also a good approach for engine management personnel to improve their professional skills.